I believe in what I do. For me, it’s more than just taking pictures: it’s working with families, seniors, people of with diverse backgrounds to create something beautiful, lasting, and meaningful. The love and stories of my clients are breathtaking, and I work to capture them as authentically as I can. It’s a collaboration, a shared appreciation of adventure and savoring life. We create memories worth keeping. Photography is an investment in those memories. It’s a way to say, yes, these are the things worth remembering, these are the days to keep fresh, this is the love worth living over again in the years to come. I will help you capture your life's adventures, every joyful, surprising, loving, blessed moment.


Brittani Schultze Goldsboro Photographer

Every story is unique, and every story is worth remembering. That’s what my photography is: a way to preserve a memory, a page from someone’s adventure.  Photography, to me, is more than just making pretty pictures. Every photo should be beautiful, but the beauty should come from more than a nice smile and good hair – it should come from the wonder of the moment it captured.


Goldsboro Professional Photographer

My photography isn’t really mine. It belongs to my clients. It’s a collaboration, with my skills framing the amazing adventure my clients are living in front of the lens. We create something together – a memory, an experience, a moment to remember with fondness forever. Professional photography is an investment in memories, in keeping the adventure fresh. I would love to work with you to help you capture your beautiful adventure.


Goldsboro, NC Photographer

More than pretty, generic Pinterest photos, I dedicate myself to capturing your family’s true selves with family photography that will stand the test of time. Modern trends in photography are lovely, and we keep our photography fresh, while still being timelessly classic. When you look back at your photos, you won’t be stuck focusing on an outdated style aesthetic – instead, you’ll be able to see yourself beautiful and radiant with love! And that’s the way it should be.


A perfect blend of modern and enduring, our photography balances natural portraits with spontaneous photojournalism, making sure you get a complete illustration of your family to treasure forever. From fun portraits of you with your kids, to the smile your husband gives you as he feels the flutters of the growing baby inside, to glimpses you give the baby asleep in her crib – even after staring for hours – we work to preserve all these moments of love and celebration so you can relive them again and again.



Goldsboro Professional Photographer

I love photography. It’s the sheer thrilling adventure of it all – seeing this part of your story, helping you capture these emotions and memories so you can look back on them forever, being there to be another set of eyes so you can see all those moments of joy.


Your life, your family and your love is an adventure. You live your story, each and every day! As a wedding photographer, senior portrait, family and lifestyle photographer I make it my job to record your adventures with beautiful, timeless photography. With a mix of natural portraits and fresh photojournalism, I strive to show off the real you, and your unique, authentic adventure!