Brittani Schultze Goldsboro Bridal Portrait Photographer

Bridal portraits are a wonderful tradition, and have become not only a way to capture your beauty, but a time for the bride to really reflect on the love she feels and the commitment she is preparing to make. It’s a time to really bask in the upcoming wedding day, when she will take that next step of the journey alongside her best friend. In all the flurry and stress of planning your wedding, your bridal portraits are a time to slow down and center yourself, to remind yourself of what’s important, and to fall even more deeply in love.

When you put on that gown for your bridal portraits, it becomes very real. And I love helping brides capture that love and sense of possibility, the excitement and impatience for your life together to just start already! I love taking portraits that show the bride how truly beautiful and radiant she is, that show her unique personality.



Goldsboro Bridal Portrait Photographer Brittani Schultze

I love to really get to know my clients. Not only do I love meeting people, but it helps me make their portraits mean so much more. I strive to take not only beautiful bridal portraits, but beautiful bridal portraits that showcase the unique individual personality of the bride herself. Each portrait should speak for itself, telling a little bit of your story. I love when you can see your beauty and personality in the portraits. Whether you are glamorous and romantic, or rugged and joyful, or quiet and thoughtful, or anything in between, I want your bridal portraits to reflect the real you.



Beautiful, Unique Bridal Portrait Photography with Brittani Schultze Photography

My photography is both modern and timeless. I take bridal portraits that are fresh and vibrant, influenced by and illustrating your glowing individuality. I also take care to ensure that they are timeless and will feel just as fresh and meaningful years down the road. We take care to edit with a light and thoughtful hand, ensuring beautiful portraits and avoiding any overdone filter effects that will make your photographs feel dated. When you look through your bridal portraits in the years to come, I work hard to ensure that they are timeless and beautiful so you can focus on reliving the elation, anticipation, and love you felt when they were taken.