Brittani Schultze-Gardner

Hey! My name is Brittani Schultze-Gardner.  I'm a wife, a working+breastfeeding mom.  I'm creative and I love photographing people’s stories and adventures. Life is beautiful, and I want to help you capture those bright, beautiful moments! My style is fresh and modern, while being classic and timeless. Using a blend of natural portraits and fun photojournalism, I strive to photograph the real, beautiful you! 


I’ve been photographing since September of 2010 and I’ve learned SO much since then.  I’ve been hands on with some of the best photographers in the US, ran a successful business, met some of the best people who I can now call friends….and all because I decided to jump and go after something I enjoyed.  I graduated from Mount Olive College in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Visual Communication.


I also work a full time job (in addition to photography) in Public Relations at our local community hospital.  It provides health insurance for our family, retirement and gives us financial stability so that we can live a generous life.  I love the people that I work with at the hospital and my “real” job gives me a chance to give back to the community by planning & promoting wellness events in our town.


My loving husband, Kevin, is the Worship & Creative Pastor at our church.  He’s been there almost 6 years!  He’s also a phenomenal songwriter & skilled musician.  He writes music for himself & his band while also writing & playing with Majesty Rose.  He’s actively involved in The Burn Goldsboro, a 24-hour prayer movement here in our hometown & he also travels with the other 3 bands to lead worship & play shows around NC & sometimes other states.


We have been married for 4 years & welcomed our baby boy into the world in September!  Crazy!  Time flies.  We have an adorable dog, #thedogliza, who we’ve had for about our entire married life.  She really was our first baby.


Together, Kevin & I are passionate believers in living life in community with people.  In fact, most nights during the week our time is spent gathered amongst friends and family, sharing a somewhat southern, home cooked meal together (or maybe even a hot doughnut).  :)